Gemstone Quilts Resources

The following links will take you to various resources I have created to help you successfully
complete the Diamond Divas Series and the Birthstone Series Gemstone Quilt Patterns.

Cutting Curves with the
“Rock & Roll” Method

Many of my patterns include curves as part of their design. Here’s a peak at how I like to cut curves using my rotary cutter and ruler. I like to call it the “Rock & Roll” method.

Alexandrite Birthstone (June) in Two New Colorways: Teal and Raspberry

Here are two new colorways for my Alexandrite Birthstone!

Way back when in 2016, when I was designing my Birthstone Series, I didn’t really understand quite how special alexandrites really are. They are “Color-Change” gems!

When viewed in daylight or fluorescent lighting, they have a greenish-blue or bluish-green hue. When they are viewed by firelight or incandescent lighting, they glow a lovely raspberry color. Isn’t that cool?! That’s why they call alexandrites “emeralds by day, rubies by night”.

I’ve been meaning to release a more accurate colorway for my Alexandrite Birthstone for a long time now. So when a special client requested it for her students, I realized now was the time. Click on the document on the far right to download the PDF Colorway document.

I hope you enjoy making the Alexandrite Birthstone in one or both of the colorways! And if you haven’t yet purchased the Alexandrite Birthstone pattern, you can click the link below to go to my online shop. Enjoy!

Alexandrite Codes with Color Blocks Teal JPG resized
Alexandrite in Teal
Alexandrite Codes with Color Blocks Raspberry JPG resized
Alexandrite in Raspberry

Free Simple Quilt Patterns

“En Pointe”: An Introduction to Freezer Paper Piecing for Quilt Patterns

I designed a small block project for those who are unfamiliar with freezer paper piecing techniques. This little gem has 13 facets and just 5 fabrics. The pattern can be downloaded as a PDF file and printed onto sheets of 8.5″ x 11″ freezer paper that you can cut from a roll OR purchase in packs (see instructions). I’ve provided 3 colorways — Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald — to get your creative juices flowing, but you can use ANY color you wish. Solids always work well, but so do Bali hand-dyes, ombres, or textured solids.

CLICK HERE to download the free pattern from my online shop.

Diamond Divas Series Gemstone Quilts Resources

Piece Plans

Catherine Piece Plan (by Section)

Elizabeth Piece Plan (by Section)

The pages listed above provide a step-by-step guide to help you piece “Catherine” and “Elizabeth” quilt patterns.

Fabric Translations

I have created a cross-reference for every color used in each of the 3 “Catherine” colorways & each of the 4 “Elizabeth” colorways.

“Catherine” is translated into Moda Bella Solids, Paintbrush Studio Fabrics’ Painter’s Palette solids, and KONA solids.

“Elizabeth” is translated into Moda Bella Solids, Paintbrush Studio Fabrics’ Painter’s Palette solids, KONA solids, Hoffman Bali Basics, and Maywood Studios Color Play textured solids.

Click on links below to access the translation document you’re looking for.

Layer 56
Catherine in Champagne Gemstone Quilt Patterns
“Catherine” in CHAMPAGNE

Customizing “Catherine”

I designed my “Catherine” diamond quilt pattern especially for those of you who want to make it your own. In the video below, I’ll share ideas about ways you can customize your brilliant-cut diamond quilt by adding pops of “fire”, switching out 1 or 2 colors, substituting completely new colors, or darkening it to make a mysterious, smoldering ruby, sapphire, or emerald.

I’ve also created a Color Worksheet for you so that you can play with color placement before committing to buying fabric and sewing. Click the Download button below to print out the 4 quadrants of Catherine. Trim them up and connect them with tape for a full diamond that measures 14 1/2″ in diameter. The color codes are on each facet. Assign each letter a color and use colored pencils to experiment with your lovely design.

Additional Colorways for “Catherine” Pattern

Each of the colorways shown below have been translated into 3 fabric lines: Moda Bella solids, KONA solids, and Painter’s Palette solids (Paintbrush Studio Fabrics). Click the “Download” button below the colorway to access its translation document.

Catherine Gemstone Quilts Green-Purple Colorway Quilt Pattern

Catherine Gemstone Quilts Peridot Quilt Pattern Colorway
Catherine Quilt Pattern in Green-Pink Colorway
Catherine Quilt Pattern Sapphire Colorway
Catherine Quilt Pattern in Blue-Yellow Colorway
Catherine Quilt Pattern in Pink-Yellow
Catherine Amethyst Colorway Quilt Patterns
Catherine Quilt Patterns in Ametrine Colorways
Catherine Quilt Patterns in Aquamarine Colorways
Catherine Diamond Quilt Patterns in White Gold Colorway
Note: The White Gold Diamond version of Catherine uses 2 fabrics for the “D” fabric code. A light grayish-blue color is used for “D” facets in the Upper Left and Lower Right quadrants, while a taupe color is used for “D” facets in the Upper Righty and Lower Left quadrants. I love mixing up colors like this. I think it brings even more lovely asymmetry to the design. Have fun!
Catherine Gemstone Quilts in lavender
Catherine Gemstone Quilts in Topaz Colorway

Birthstone Series Gemstone Quilt Patterns Resources

Piece Plans

Click on the name of the gemstone below for a listing of its Piece Plan. The Piece plan is a step-by-step guide to help you piece each facet together in a strategic way to ensure that your block fits together perfectly.

Purchase Fat-Quarter Bundles for the Birthstone Series Gemstone Quilts.

I designed the Birthstone Series specifically with Painter’s Palette solids in mind (by Paintbrush Studio Fabrics). If your local quilt shop does not carry Paintbrush Studio solids, you can purchase fat-quarter bundles especially created for each of the Birthstone Series blocks.

Individual quiltmakers can purchase the fat-quarter bundles directly from eQuilter.com. You can enter “Kinman” in the search field to find my patterns and all the fabric.

Shop owners and other wholesale buyers can purchase the fat-quarter bundles directly from Paintbrush Studio or one of the following distributors. (Click on the name to go directly to their website).

Birthstone Fabric Translations

I have designed the Birthstone Series specifically with Painter’s Palette (by Paintbrush Studio) solids in mind. However, if your local shop does not carry Paintbrush Studio’s solids, but carries Kona Cotton Solids, Moda Fabrics’ Bella Solids, Michael Miller Cotton Couture, Hoffman’s Bali Batiks, I have created a cross-reference for every color used in the Birthstone Series.

Click on the document below to access a translation from Paintbrush Studio fabrics to the manufacturers listed above.

Caribbean Holiday Twin Size
Caribbean Roses Twin Size

June 21 – 29, 2024

Quilting Cruise with MJ Kinman (Adventures by Michelle)


Join me on my very first QUILTING CRUISE! We’ll spend this 8-night/9-day Royal Caribbean cruise line adventure visiting beautiful spots in the Caribbean like St. Croix, St. Thomas, San Juan (Puerto Rico), and Coco Cay. While at sea, I’ll show you how to make 1 of 2 special quilts I designed just for this trip: “Caribbean Holiday” and “Caribbean Roses”. Both projects are twin-size quilts featuring large and small gemstone blocks.

The full kit is included in the fee, and I’ll bring a variety of backgrounds and embellishments for you to choose from to customize your quilt. Plus you’ll have lots of downtime for free sewing to your hearts content!

Michelle and I sat down to chat about our destinations, the projects, and more. Click the image below to listen in.

Screenshot 904


  • 21 June 2024:     Depart Port Canaveral, Florida at 4pm – Make & Take Sponsored by our Janome Provider
  • 22 June 2024:     Quilting and Cruising Day at Sea – Welcome Aboard Party – Evening Open Sewing
  • 23 June 2024:     Quilting and Cruising Day at Sea – Evening Open Sewing
  • 24 June 2024:     Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas from 8am to 6pm – Evening Open Sewing
  • 25 June 2024:     St Croix, USVI from 8am to 8pm – Evening Open Sewing
  • 26 June 2024:     San Juan, Puerto Rico from 7am to 4pm – Evening Open Sewing
  • 27 June 2024:     Quilting and Cruising Day at Sea – Evening Open Sewing
  • 28 June 2024:     Morning Open Sewing – Coco Cay from 9am to 5pm – Farewell Party
  • 29 June 2024:     Arrive Port Canaveral, Florida at 7am

Registration is now open! Click below to download the flyer with more information or CLICK HERE to visit the Adventures by Michelle website.