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Gemstone Quilts: Creating Fire & Brilliance In Fabric, Step By Step

ISBN: 978-1617459450
Scheduled for release October 25, 2020
Books will ship in early November 2020

In my first book with C&T Publishing, I use the concepts of cut, color, and clarity (3 of the 4 C’s of grading diamonds) to help you bling up your quilts. Using the same freezer paper piecing techniques I’ve used for the past 20+ years to create my giant gem quilts, you can bring your designs to life, regardless of your inspiration.

CLICK HERE to take a tour through a virtual gallery of my gem quilts and to find out more about the treasures you’ll find inside this book.


This isn’t foundation paper piecing! This is traditional quilting techniques using freezer paper as your template. Freezer paper is that amazing medium that allows you to write on one side and has a plastic substance on the back that adheres to fabric when you hit it with a hot iron. If you can put 2 pieces of fabric together with a quarter-inch seam allowance, YOU CAN DO THIS!

In my book, I’ll explain how to…

  • Find the “cut” of your design to segment it into facets — these are the “blocks” of your design
  • Understand the simple coding system that will help you piece your design together
  • Use color and value contrast to create sparkling designs
  • Select certain fabrics to create luminosity in your design

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As we progress through each of these steps, you’ll be able to follow along by creating your own lovely gem block inspired by a spectacular Mozambique Purple Garnet. Finally, you’ll have a chance to tour a gallery of my giant gem quilts, as well as quilts made by some of my students.

Throughout the book, enjoy the the exquisite collection of international colored gem dealers (and my friends) Laurie and Simon Watt. The stunning images were created by Geoffrey Watt.

When you purchase from my website, you’ll have the chance to let me know how to personalize and sign your book! Books ship in early November in time for the holidays.

Purchasing Information (Pre-Orders; Shipping November 2020)

US Residents: Residents of the US can purchase my book directly from my website. CLICK HERE to purchase and to read reviews of my book. When you purchase directly from my website, you’ll be able to let me know if and how you want me to sign and personalize your book! (I am unable to ship internationally at this time. However, outlet options for Canada and Australia are listed below.)

Canadian Residents: Several Canadian shops and online retailers will have my book available for pre-sale. (See links below.) And check with them about their live, virtual book-signing events! Check their websites and contact them directly for more information.

Australian Residents: Janet Collins at From the First Stitch To the Last will have my book available for pre-sale. Check Janet’s website and contact her directly for more information.

Other International Residents: Check with your favorite local quilt shop or e-retailer and ask them to carry my book. Thank you!