“Gemstone Quilts” By MJ Kinman


My first book, set for release October 25, 2020, will help you bling up your quilts, regardless of your inspiration.

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My first book, set for release October 25, 2020, will help you bling up your quilts, regardless of your inspiration. I use the concepts of cut, color, and clarity (3 of the 4 C’s of grading diamonds) and freezer paper piecing techniques to help you bring your designs to life.

ISBN 978-1617459450

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  1. Bonnie Taylor

    Am grateful for expanding my personal knowledge of design/sewing techniques

  2. Bonnie Taylor

    Enjoyed helping such a talented artist/friend

    • MJ Kinman

      @Bonnie Taylor, Thank you, Bonnie! You’ve been such a wonderful help throughout this amazing journey!

  3. Judee Konen

    I had the pleasure of seeing MJ’s work in person when she exhibited her gemstone quilts at Hastings College’s Jackson Dinsdale Art Center. The quilts are simply amazing! Her wonderful book provides step by step instructions for creating gemstone quilts and eloquently describes MJ’s personal journey as a quilt artist. I encourage you to spend a quiet afternoon reading “Gemstone Quilts” and immersing yourself in MJ’s creative world!

  4. Bill Brundage of Brundage Jewlers

    My wife worked with MJ and noticed a quilt with a diamond motif that MJ was working on she told MJ that she had to have one for my jewelry store. It hung over the store’s fireplace for years. Later MJ showed me photos of quilts she had produced. I kept saying, “Oh, these are photographs of diamonds and gemstones that you are going to replicate into quilts?” She kept trying to tell me that, “No these are photographs of the quilts I have made.” I still could not get my head around the fact that she had made these quilts of photographic quality…. OUT OF CLOTH! The brilliance, dispersion, the return of light, and the scintillation were just like my diamond and gemstones in my showcases. It was not until we offered to have a showing of her quilts in our store, what a great tie in, that I could believe that these quilts actually existed. I am still bowled over with her unique talent and creativity.

  5. Deb Ehlers

    I can’t wait for this book!!! I am having so much fun making “Elizabeth” that I can’t wait to try making my own patterns.

  6. Debbie Becker Matthie

    I am a Certified Affiliate that fell in love with MJ Kinmans technique to create a fabric rendition of stunning gems. Her guided instructions are well written and inspiring.

  7. Annette Frye

    I designed a dinosaur quilt on paper but couldn’t figure out how to transfer the concept to fabric. Then by chance I took a class MJ was offering. Her technique was the missing link! MJ’s freezer-paper technique fits perfectly with my passion to create geometric textile designs. I say designs, because I have since been inspired by this technique to create five additional dinosaur designs. MJ’s extraordinary textile gem designs, her willingness to share her techniques in easy to follow detail and the story of her journey is sprinkled across every single page of this classy book. This book is a must have for every quilter from the novice to the expert.

    • MJ Kinman

      Thank you for allowing me to use your marvelous and FUN dinosaur quilt in the book. It’s amazing! And how wonderful that this technique has helped you to make even MORE dinosaur quilts? Do I see a pattern series in your future……? 🙂

  8. Christi Bonds-Garrett

    MJ Kinman’s book, Gemstone Quilts, is amazing! The detail within it – numerous beautiful illustrations – full-color photos – clear explanations – it’s almost as though she were personally sitting with me in my quilt studio! I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘her story’ and how she was led to her destiny of sharing such beauty and healing through her fiber art.
    Having just taken MJ’s Treasure Hunting Live Online Master Class, I can confidently say that this book captures MJ’s clear and helpful teaching style. She holds back nothing – all of her ‘secrets’ to making an amazing gem quilt – are revealed. The sort of fabric she uses, exactly how she dyes some of her fabric, methods to tweak images with (free) software, the importance of tonal value (and an easy way to assess it in your quilt and fabrics!), and much more! MJ has been exploring the world of Gem Quilts for several decades and lovingly shares the many lessons she has learned.
    You will find so much essential information about the types of stone faceting, because this is important to know as you design your own Gem. MJ shares her hard-learned methods of organizing and identifying the pieces of your quilt so that the piecing becomes effortless! There’s lots of discussion about composing your Gem quilt: designing it at the best angle, cropping optimally, and setting it within a fitting background to let it shine!
    If you love the Gemstone Quilts of MJ Kinman, then you need this book! You, too, can create your own gemstone quilt! Dive into the luminous world of Light as it plays with Gemstones – and even better, treat yourself to a class with MJ and learn from the Best!

    • MJ Kinman

      @Christi Bonds-Garrett, Thank you, Christi! What wonderful words about the book. You’re a GEM!

  9. Joanne Reiser

    Being a teacher myself, I was impressed with MJ’s preparation and breakdown of every detail involved in being able to design, draft, color, code and choose fabric for my gem. In this book, MJ has compiled all of what she has learned and finely tuned over her career and has gifted it to the quilting community. She holds nothing back and freely shares it all. She wishes everyone joy on their journey. Gemstone Quilts is a must have for any quilter that loves to play with design, light and color. The photography is inspiring and MJ is encouraging as a teacher and guide. You are invited into her world of gemstones and she hopes that you will take your own journey and create your own art.

    • MJ Kinman

      @Joanne Reiser, Thank you, Joanne, for the wonderful words about the book! It’s been a pleasure getting to know you in the Treasure Hunting class. Thank you, friend!

  10. Kim

    What a wonderful book! Not only does is showcase all of the beautiful quilts, but shows exactly how to make one of your own! The unexpected pleasure was “getting to know” MJ from the book. It is personal and a beautiful lesson in following your heart and your knowing to find true joy. Thank you for sharing your life story, MJ!

    • MJ Kinman

      @Kim, Thank you, Kim!!

  11. Brenda Brown

    This book is an incredible gift for any quilter or creative person but especially to all of us admirers of MJ’s extraordinary quilts. I recall watching a video of her star charting process and being struck by her brilliant mind in addition to her creative talents. Although this is a very detailed and clearly written “How to book” with beautiful images, we receive a gift within the gift as there’s inspirational content from MJ’s heart and soul woven through out. MJ and her quilts bring light and joy into the world and her latest book supports us to do the same. “Don’t be fooled by my beauty. The light of my face comes from the candle of my spirit.” -Rumi

  12. Ann H

    When you look at MJ Kinman’s quilts, it’s easy to think NO WAY can I do that! Then she takes you by the hand (so to speak) and walks you through the process step by step and you realize YES, I CAN! I took MJ’s Treasure Hunting class and this book includes the whole process, just as we learned it, complete with MJs lively and encouraging personality. The book is clearly illustrated and very well written. Making gemstone quilts from a pattern you design yourself is captivating – I enjoyed every part of the process and can move forward without hesitation, even into other subject matter, because now I know MJs secrets to freezer paper piecing. (Hint: it’s almost mistake-proof, and if you can sew a straight line, you can do this!)

  13. Jason Prater

    Although I am not a quilter, this book is simply amazing! In it MJ bares her soul while teaching quilters how to replicate her wonderful Gem technique with ease.The genuine thoughts and feelings as well as instruction imparted throughout really gets to the heart of quilting. This book is such a great picture of what it means to dive into your passion and what you can get from doing so. It is truly an inspirational work.

    • MJ Kinman

      @Jason Prater, Thank you for your kind words about the book. It has been simply a joy to collaborate with the good people at Sulky! You’re gorgeous thread is strong, luminous, and makes my heart happy. What more could a quiltmaker want? Wishing you the best. — MJ

  14. Kerin Ferrin

    I’ve rarely felt more proud of myself as a quilter than when I embrace MJ’s techniques and see such remarkable results. This book is a gift of inspiration to quilters everywhere! I’m in awe of MJ’s ability to look at a gemstone and render its brilliance and fire into a larger-than-life piece of textile art. This book reads like a conversation with a close friend, sharing her journey of quilt making gems. Beyond that, MJ has a remarkable ability to share her gem making process, making it possible for the curious quilter to create her own a one of a kind gem.

    • MJ Kinman

      Kerin, you are an inspiration to me! Thank you for your friendship and being a very special quilt buddy. You’re a GEM!

  15. Carolyn Ducey

    Beautifully illustrated with lots of photo of glowing gems. MJ Kinmon’s gallery of gem quilts is even more stunning! Reading the book feels like an afternoon spent with a friend, working together on your latest project. It was fun to learn so much about gems, while imagining which one I’d want to transform into fabric!

  16. Gay Nordvik

    What a beautiful quilting book you have designed and written MJ! Sharing your life story about your journey in quilting was inspirational. Your courage to listen to your heart and step out of a successful career to pursue your love of quilting will be an inspiring gift to those who read your book.
    Your instructions are very clear and understandable, following a logical progression from the design process to the actual construction of a gemstone quilt. The step by step instructions eliminate any confusion about how to replicate your technique of freezer-paper construction.
    The display of non-gemstone quilts in the last section of the book demonstrates that your technique can be applied to many different types of quilts.
    Congratulations on a gem of a book.

  17. Julia Graves

    MJ makes color and design accessible for the beginning quilter, but includes enough detail to enhance the knowledge of the experienced quilter. Take the plunge! This is easier than it looks! MJ has plenty of inspiration from her quilting journey, to a gallery of fabulous quilts, to clear step by step instructions on how to make your own. What you’ll learn is applicable to art and traditional quilts alike and your future quilts will thank you for it!

  18. Merritt Crawford

    From the cover photo to her inspiring story to guiding you on the journey of creating your own beautiful masterpiece, this book is a must have in your quilting library. If you think you can’t, MJ will show you that you can! Congratulations, MJ! What a wonderful work you have poured into and shared with us. Thank you!

  19. Rhonda Pierce

    MJ is the master of gemstone quilts. Her traditional piecing technique is brilliant and now accessible to everyone. In her new book, Gemstone Quilts, MJ applies cut, color and clarity for creating luminous quilts. Lucky for us, MJ translates over seven years of experimentation into a book we can easily use to create our own treasure chest of sparkling gem quilts. Congratulations MJ on your new book and for sharing your priceless quilt journey!

  20. Mary-Jeanine

    Beautiful photos & inspiring life story!

    I love that this is not perfection quilt piecing because ‘Light doesn’t follow quilters’ rules’ .

    And I also appreciate MJ walking me through a technique that I can use for my next art quilt…not just gems! This is a well-written book and I will refer to it often.

  21. Jeanne Delpit

    Once you begin reading MJ’s splendid book, you won’t want to put it down! From her poignant, personal revelations to her detailed process of transforming unique fabric cuts into opulent works of art, every page is rich with content. You’ll feel as if you’re sitting right beside her, receiving encouragement and guidance every step of the way. Thank you, MJ, for opening the world of imagination and possibility to all of us longing to become fabric gemologists! Your book is a treasure.

  22. Rachael Baar

    This book “Gemstone Quilts” is for everyone! Quilters will be fascinated by MJ’s techniques for creating fabric gems; art enthusiasts will be enamored by the sheer beauty of her work; and everyone will be inspired by her life story. Congratulations, MJ–your book is a joy!

  23. Luana Rubin

    MJ Kinman has produced an inspiring and incredibly generous book, detailing not only her process of constructing her dazzling gemstone quilts, but all the layers of preparation and development including her journey as a creative person. Having experienced MJ teaching in person, I can say that this book exceeded my expectations and surprised me. How does she come up with this stuff? I can tell you. She has been teaching this method in classes and has heard every question that could possibly be asked – then she anticipates your queries and answers them in this workbook. Her coverage of the topics of color, value, choosing fabrics, painting fabrics, and the use of digital tools to enhance the design process, are absolutely….brilliant! This publication is both inspiring and practical. If you’ve wondered how the heck MJ captures the magical essence of a precious gemstone, you will be delighted to learn her secrets here.

  24. Brett Lewis – Natural Born Quilter

    MJ Kinman’s personable, down to earth demeanour comes across perfectly in her book Gemstone Quilts. I was inspired reading her transformative journey into the world of quilting and her mentality of choosing joy. Like MJ’s beautiful gemstones, her incandescent personality shines through her written word.

    Beautiful photos of MJ’s piecing techniques plus a visual step by step guide rounds out this informative and visually pleasing book. You will be inspired and will build the skills required to make your very own gemstone quilt!

  25. Marissa Ghavami

    You can feel the joy that MJ feels when making her quilts while reading this book! Not only will quilters who want to make their very own gemstone quilts get an inside look at how MJ makes the seemingly impossible possible but everyone who appreciates art and beauty will be astounded by her methods. Regardless of it you quilt or not, her insights on joy and fear are invaluable to everyone who has ever had a dream they wanted to pursue. MJ is an inspiration and a creative genius and I’m so grateful that this book is out in the world!

  26. Darleen Shamus

    MJ has perfected her craft and has shared that passion in this book. Her technique is easy to follow and understand and can easily be applied in other quilting projects. Her personal story is an inspiration and proof that choosing to follow joy can lead you to great accomplishments. Inspiring book, beautiful creations, amazing MJ!

  27. Joan Liversidge

    Spectacular, both the quilts and the book! From the personal story to the making of gemstone quilts, there are big concepts (e.g. tending joy in your life and the section on color), as well as directions and tips for the smallest of details which someone like me will find helpful in projects other than a gemstone. A craft well honed with love and joy over many years! A joy to see and can’t wait to get the book in my hands.

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