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Welcome to

My World Of Gems…

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Proudly representing BERNINA since 2019

When people ask
me what I do,
I like to tell them

“I make the biggest diamonds in the world…
But instead of using the hardest substance on earth,
I use the softest — cloth.”

blue and orange quilt called Between River and Sky
Between River & Sky – Series Bourbon Diamonds 2018

Original Artwork

Years ago, an image of a lovely crystal arrived in my mailbox. That little gem not only caught my attention, it grabbed hold of my soul. In doing so, it launched a journey that has enriched my life. May you experience as much joy in viewing them as I have had in creating them. For the gems that are still available, the price is noted in the details.

blue white and grey quilt called Elizabeth
Elizabeth – Series: Diamond Diva Patterns

For Quiltmakers & Shops

It’s my pleasure to share with you my passion for light and color through classes, events, and now my new line of patterns, fabric, and publications. I have designed my patterns so that even a “confident beginner” sewist can create sparkling gemstones using the same techniques I use to create my giant gem portraits.

Proud to Support Healing TREE

A portion of my patterns is donated to Healing TREE (Trauma Resources, Education & Empowerment). Healing TREE advocates healing from trauma, rather than just coping with symptoms, in order to transform lives and, ultimately, society.

For more information, visit www.healingtreenonprofit.org.

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bernina logo

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