Just For You: The Golden Topaz “Elizabeth” Colorway & Fabric Recommendations

Elizabeth Golden Topaz Color Way

Just For You: The Golden Topaz “Elizabeth” Colorway & Fabric Recommendations

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I received tremendous feedback on the Elizabeth Golden Topaz colorway from readers! I’m delighted you like it.

Yesterday I pulled out my well-used color swatch cards for KONA Cotton solids, Moda Bella solids, and Painter’s Palette solids (by Paintbrush Studio Fabrics) and matched each color code to a specific fabric.

For those of you considering making the Elizabeth gem pattern and love the Golden Topaz, my suggestion for you is to GO FOR IT! If you’ve made any one of the Birthstone Series blocks, you are now an expert at the technique that I call “traditional piecing using freezer paper as your template”.

Elizabeth Golden Topaz Screenshot of AI
Elizabeth Golden Topaz

And here’s the good news: Piecing the Elizabeth pattern is actually EASIER than piecing the Birthstones (and those are pretty darn easy.) Why? The pieces are bigger!

The only difference is that there are more pieces, so it takes a little bit longer to finish. But when it’s completed, you’ll have a stunning jewel to enjoy.

How long does it take to make the Elizabeth pattern? Well, that’s absolutely up to you. The fastest I’ve ever heard of is my friend Allie McCathren (@exhaustedoctopus on Instagram). Treat yourself today by following her on Instagram! As she explained to me when I met her a few years ago at Quilt Festival, she’s a marine biologist AND the mother of 4 young boys. Hence, the name “Exhausted Octopus”. I love it!

Allie purchased the Elizabeth pattern and Neutral colorway bundle from me at Market. I spent a few more days in Houston and then spent 3 days driving home to Louisville, Kentucky. Imagine how stunned and impressed I was when Allie was posting pictures of her finished Elizabeth on Instagram BEFORE I even got home! A week. That’s how long it took this amazing quiltmaker to piece Elizabeth.

Others spend weeks and months finishing it, but it’s entirely based on their schedule, other projects on deck for them, and motivation to finish.

Layer 56
Elizabeth in Blue Colorway

To download the Golden Topaz colorway and fabric selections click the button below. If you don’t already have the Elizabeth pattern CLICK HERE to purchase. When you do start piecing, please send photos to me! I love to see progress pictures.

Be well and shine on!