2024 Diamonds & Drama Queens
Block of the Month
for Quilt Shops

Incredible Beauty Accompanied By Incredible Stories

I’m excited to tell you about the new Block-of-the-Month program I’ve developed just for independent quilt shops like yours! This is a perfect program for your adventurous beginner sewists who love all things “bling” & are hungry to learn new techniques. And this is a program that you can offer in-store, online, or both!

Over the years of searching for gorgeous gems to inspire my work, I’ve run across amazing stories of famous gems and the characters who were caught up in their orbits. I enjoyed these stories so much that I wanted to share them with other gem-lovin’ quiltmakers.

That’s why I’ve developed my new block-of-the-month program, Diamonds & Drama Queens, specifically for quilt shops and their customers. (Skill level: confident beginner)

Huguette Clark

Learn about the wealthiest woman in America you’ve never heard of. She grew up to eventually own millions, mansions & fabulous jewelry. But she cared for none of it. She wanted only to be left alone, paint, and expand her collection of porcelain dolls….

Source: Huguette Clark estate

Is it true the owner of the Hope Diamond was once spotted at the top of her grand staircase one evening before a wild party wearing the jewel….

…..and nothing else?

Owner of the hope diamond was an inspiration for my quilt patterns and block of the month

Source: United States Library of Congress

I’ve curated 9 gemstone patterns for you to share with your customers. Inspired by 9 famous gems, these 18″ patterns and instructions are available as downloadable PDF files.

Treasure Trove Pattern Cover resized to 800 pxls
“Treasure Trove”, a full-size quilt setting featuring the 9 gem blocks of the Diamonds & Drama Queens BOM for Shops.
Top row: The Clark Pink, Maximilian’s Folly, Polaris
Middle Row: Evelyn’s Envy, The Rembrandt Black Diamond, Peggy’s Skating Rink
Bottom Row: The Duke Canary Diamond, The Countess, The Red Star

Private Resource Library

Starting July 1, 2022, all subscribers will receive a private, password-protected, online Resource Library filled with everything you’ll need to launch a successful program for your customers.

  • Downloadable PDF patterns & instructions
  • Yardage information for kits
  • Sourcing information for pre-cut freezer paper sheets members will need to print the patterns
  • Fabric recommendations for the following collections:
    • KONA Cotton Solids
    • Moda Bella Solids
    • Painter’s Palette Solids (by Paintbrush Studio Fabrics)
    • Free Spirit Solids (including Tula Pink Solids)
    • Michael Miller’s Cotton Couture
    • Cherrywood Hand Dyed Fabrics
    • Hoffman Bali Hand Dyed Fabrics
  • Marketing and social media images
  • Tutorial videos
  • Videos featuring the gem that inspired the pattern, including its history, lore, science, and profile of the outrageously eccentric individuals who crossed paths with it

And you’ll love the price: $499 for access to the Resource Library through 2024.

Screenshot Resource Library
Resource Library
Screenshot Patterns and Videos
Downloadable PDF Patterns and Videos Featuring
the Diamonds & Drama Queens
Screenshot Fabric Translations and yardages
Fabric Translations and Yardages
Screenshot Instructions for Double size Quilt
Instructions for Double size Quilt

Freezer Paper Piecing for Block of the Month

I use a technique called freezer paper piecing. This is traditional piecing using freezer paper as your templates. Please know that this is NOT foundation paper piecing! We don’t sew to paper. We won’t use the flip-and-sew method. And lastly, you won’t have to claw little bits of paper out of the back of your blocks. If your customers can sew 2 pieces of fabric together with a quarter-inch seam allowance, THEY CAN DO THIS!

Because BOM subscribers will print the patterns onto pre-cut sheets of freezer paper using their home ink-jet printer, I recommend carrying C&T Publishing’s Quilter’s Freezer Paper. These pre-cut sheets work beautifully with home ink-jet printers. If you wish, you can also print out the patterns in your shop for subscribers who don’t have a printer at home but who want to participate in the BOM. All the major distributors carry Quilter’s Freezer Paper.

Freezer Paper Pack

Join me in sharing colorful gemstone quilt blocks with your customers. I look forward to working with you to make your next BOM a sparkling success!