A Colorful Year: The Catherine Colorway Club

Catherine Colorway Club

A Colorful Year: The Catherine Colorway Club

Catherine Pattern Instructions FRONT COVER v4 scaled
Catherine Pattern

How about more gems for the New Year?

I love creating new colorways for my gem patterns, especially the big ones. This year I’ll release a new colorway each month for “Catherine”, the second in my Diamond Divas Series. She’s an impressive 46″ round brilliant-cut diamond, and with only 8 colors to select, she’s very customizable.

Introducing Catherine

When you join my free Catherine Colorway Club, you’ll have access to a downloadable document that lists fabric suggestions for 5 different fabric lines: KONA Cotton Solids; Moda Bella Solids, Michael Miller Cotton Couture, Free Spirit Solids (including some Tula Pink Solids), and Painter’s Palette Solids by Paintbrush Studio Fabrics.

Catherine Chart aquamarine jpg no labels resized
Catherine Chart Mystic Topaz jpg resized

Mystic Topaz

Catherine Chart PERIDOT 1 jpg no labels resized
Catherine Chart Doris Duke Canary Yellow JPG resized
Catherine Chart Ametrine jpg no labels resized
Catherine Chart Sapphire jpg No labels resized

Images of the first 6 colorways are ready for you to drool over. January’s sparkling Aquamarine colorway is available now. I’ll follow each month with the following:

  • February’s Mystic Topaz
  • March’s Peridot
  • April’s Ametrine (that’s a gem that contains both Amethyst and Citrine crystals)
  • May’s Citrine
  • June’s Sapphire

Right now I’m working on the final 6 colorways for the rest of the year. Stay tuned!

So, are you ready for some colorful inspiration and encouragement for 2022? Join us by clicking the button below to sign up now. It’s free!