Diamonds & Drama Queens
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Incredible Beauty Accompanied By Incredible Stories

I first fell in love with gems in 1968. Sifting through the pages of the National Geographic magazine that had arrived, I found the story about the coronations of the Shah of Iran and the King of Tonga. I was mesmerized by the color and sparkle of the gems that graced their crowns, tiaras, and costumes, and I was smitten. This series will create quilt patterns from my inspiration.

Having combined my passion of quiltmaking with my love of gems, I wanted to go deeper. I wanted to learn all I can about the world’s most famous gems and the people who owned them. What I’ve learned is that these awesome stones attracted the most intriguing, eccentric, and outrageous people. And I want to share their stories with you!

Huguette Clark inspired my quilt patterns

Learn about shy, reclusive Huguette Clark, daughter of copper king, William Clark. She owned mansions and jewels….and cared for none of it.

Owner of the hope diamond was an inspiration for my quilt patterns

Was it true that the owner of the Hope Diamond was once spotted at the top of her grand staircase one evening before a wild party wearing the jewel….

…..and nothing else?

Quilt Patterns Every Month

Starting on April 1st — a perfect day to start our wild and wacky journey — I’ll send you a block of the quilt patterns every month inspired by these amazing gems and their equally amazing owners. In addition, I’ll share information bout the featured gem and the stories surrounding its history and the people who came into contact with it. Some gems celebrate deep and abiding love. Others give us a peek into outrageous and eccentric lifestyles. And some reveal stories of deep sorrow and loss.

In addition to a downloadable PDF file of the pattern that you can print onto freezer paper on your home printer*, you’ll also receive links to a video I’ve created about each gem and its story. I’ll share images and links to further information if you want to learn more about each gem’s history. Listen in as I talk with experts about the gems and try to dig a bit deeper into their lore.

(*Note: I use a technique called freezer paper piecing. This is traditional piecing using freezer paper as your templates. Please know that this is NOT foundation paper piecing! You won’t be sewing to paper. You won’t be using a flip-and-sew method. And you won’t have to claw little bits of paper out of the back of your blocks. If you can sew 2 pieces of fabric together with a quarter-inch seam allowance, YOU CAN DO THIS!)

I’m excited about this adventure! I hope you’ll join me for this 12-month-long romp into the wild side of gems and jewels. To subscribe to the 12-month program ($95 USD for the annual subscription April 1, 2021 through March 1, 2022), click the button below. I’m so excited to have you join us!