Tiny Treasures Club Annual Membership Fee


Let’s build a community of people who love gems and quilts as much as we do — a group of people with whom we can share inspiration and celebrate creativity! To bring us all together, I’m launching the Tiny Treasures Club. I’d love for gem-and-quilt lovers like us to come together (online) to create, learn, discuss, share and laugh with one another. Read more in the description below to learn more about the fun I have in store for us in 2021.

(And don’t worry if you’re finding us mid-year….Once you sign up, I’ll send you information where you can find all the patterns and videos from previous months. Join us today!)

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  • Mini-Block Patterns — On the 3rd Friday of each month throughout 2021, I’ll send you a link to a downloadable pattern (in PDF format) of a 6″ gemstone block. (I explain a bit more about these little patterns in the section below.) So even if you live outside the US (where I live) you can be part of this adventure!
  • Live Zoom Chats — After the pattern is released, we can jump on a live Zoom chat together. I’ll tell you about the gem that inspired the design and provide a live demonstration of the technique. You can ask me questions….and I’ll try to answer as best I can. LOL! If you can’t join us for the live event, I’ll record our conversation and post it on our private blog so that you can view it at your convenience.
  • Give-Aways — I’ll give away prizes donated by some of my favorite companies. Winners will be picked based on special criteria each month (and in some months, chosen randomly). And if you’re a winner and live outside the US, I’ll do everything I can to get your prize to you ASAP!
  • Block Swaps — For those of you who want to swap your gems with other members, we’ll set up a way for you to connect with one another and share your sparkling blocks.
  • Chats With Industry Insiders — You’ll have the chance to listen in as I chat with insiders from both the quilting industry and the colored gemstone industry to find out what they’re working on and what brings them joy
  • Instagram & Private Facebook Page — We’ll all have a chance to share our progress on Instagram by posting our pictures and using the hashtag #tinytreasuresclub and on our private Facebook page.
  • Online Gallery Showcasing Your Work — Each quarter, I’ll select blocks from up to 30 club members to “hang” in an online gallery show. I’ll work hard to ensure that everyone’s work is represented throughout the year. You can view an example of what such a gallery tour might look like by watching the tour I put together to promote my book Gemstone Quilts. CLICK HERE to watch the 3-minute video.
  • One Annual Subscription Price — The annual membership fee for the Tiny Treasures Club is $95 USD

Note: Don’t worry if you are signing up mid-year! When you subscribe, I’ll send you the link to our private blog page where you’ll find links to every pattern and video of our monthly recorded Zoom chats. Join us today!