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Week #12: August/Peridot (Lesson #15)

It’s so hard to believe that this is the LAST week of our Holiday Jewel Box class! I’ve had a wonderful time learning more about the gems that I love and sharing that information with you. I look forward to seeing your lovely creations in the future! This week’s lesson is all about an amazing gem called Peridot. I realized I’ve been pronouncing the gem’s name incorrectly — or rather, a more arcane pronunciation — all this time. I’ve been calling it “Pear-a-doe”, but the most common pronunciation is “Pear-a-dot”. Well, OK, then! I can learn new tricks. LOL!

Enjoy this week’s lesson!

Week #11: July/Ruby (Lesson #14)

Rubies are ancient beauties that signify love and passion. Made of the same mineral substance as sapphire, ruby gets its gorgeous color from the trace element chromium. The maharajas of India loved the stone…and you’ll fall in love with it, too. Enjoy this week’s lesson!

Week #10: June/Alexandrite (Lesson #13)

Alexandrite is the gem with the split personality. Depending on the light in which she’s viewed, she can show one of 2 different faces. She’s also a newcomer to the gem world. In other words, Alexandrite personifies what makes colored gemstones so intriguing: surprises are around every corner!

Week #10: May/Emerald (Lesson #12)

Feast your eyes on exquisite Emeralds during this week’s first lesson! Green is soothing and peaceful and I hope you’ll find joy in this block. After Diamond, this pattern will go together in a heartbeat! I’ll share information about all the things that make Emeralds so alluring and tell you about some of the world’s most famous green stones.

This is our double-feature week in which I bring you both Emerald and Alexandrite., so stay tuned for more gem joy!

Week #9: Gem Block Settings (Lesson #11)

While we work on our Diamond blocks for a second week, I wanted to take this time to share with you some ways quiltmakers have set their Birthstone blocks into quilt projects. My hope is that this will provide inspiration for ways you can transform your amazing work into a quilt you’ll love forever. Take a peek!

Week #8: April/Diamond (Lesson #10)

We could talk for weeks and weeks about Diamonds and never reach the end! It was such fun to create the lesson for you, but I have to admit that it was difficult deciding what to include and what to leave out. Maybe this lesson will whet your “apatite” (sorry….couldn’t resist) and nudge you to learn more.

We have 2 weeks to finish our Diamond blocks. I will post updates throughout the next 10 days to show you my work. I think I’m going to replace the light and dark brown fabric (which were meant to represent the coloration of the original diamond that inspired the block) with brighter colors. Perhaps a snippet from a couple of my Northcott swirled ombre fabric. So many options!

I can’t wait to see your Diamonds, too! Meanwhile, enjoy the video lesson below. Shine on!

Week #7: March/Aquamarine (Lesson #9)

Ranging from the palest blue to a deep Mediterranean cast, March birthstone Aquamarine is such a lovely gem. I’ll introduce you to the most famous Aquamarine on the planet which lives in Washington, DC. And I’ll also share a bit about the Asscher cut I chose to use with this month’s block. Enjoy!

Week #6: February/Amethyst (Lesson #8)

Amethysts are one of my favorite gemstones! Who doesn’t like that yummy purple color? The only thing better might be ametrines (a gem with both amethyst and citrine crystals in it). I’ll introduce you to some glorious examples in this week’s video.

In fact, I’ve decided to make my February block an ametrine. I’ve planned 2 color keys: one blue and one gold. Two of the sections will be made with a range of light to dark blue fabric, while the remaining 2 will be created with a range of light yellow to deep gold. Can’t wait to get started!

Here’s the correct link to our Feb/Amethyst video:

Love seeing your blocks on our private Facebook page!

Week #5: January/Garnet (Lesson #7)

October 18, 2020

I loved all that I discovered when researching this gemstone for our class this week! I hope you enjoy learning more about this stone, too. The gentle curves of this quilt block aren’t hard to handle at all. Mindful cutting, plenty of pinning, and a slow & steady stitch around the curve will produce outstanding results.


Week #4: December/Tanzanite (Lesson #6)

I was excited to learn more about this gorgeous blue stone, Tanzanite. I didn’t realize that so far the only known deposit of gorgeous deep blue-purple zoisite (marketed as “Tanzanite) is found in just an 8-mile area around the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Have fun making this scissor cut block using soft blues and lavenders! I’m going to continue using up my flame-colored fabric. Be sure to post your work on our Facebook group!

Week #3: November/Citrine (Lesson #5)

October 16, 2020

November’s birthstone, Citrine, is one of my favorites. The radiant cut and the gold colors remind me of the loveliness of Autumn. I’m going to continue my theme of using my hand-painted fire-colored fabric to create this week’s block….and I can’t wait to see what you do, too!

Week #2: Pink Tourmaline (Lesson #4)

September 30, 2020

Hi, Friends!

I have some fun things to share with you. I wanted to talk to you about the Pink Tourmaline gemstone and then how I’m mixing up the colors to make my own special gemstone with this pattern: a Padparadscha Sapphire!

The first video shares information about the Pink Tourmaline pattern, the gem that inspired it, and a my ideas for customizing it as a result of finding some flame-colored fabric in my stash. You’ll also have the chance to sit in on a fun chat with my friend Laurie Watt, international gem dealer. Please note that there is a bit of a gap in this first video, due to the fact that my camera fritzed out during the taping. I taped it again and you’ll find that in the second video below. (Oh, technology! It’s wonderful, except when it’s not.)

Keep checking the Facebook page and posting progress, questions and insights!

Pink Tourmaline (Part 1)

Pink Tourmaline (Part 2)

Week #1: 3 Lessons In 1 Week!

September 30, 2020

Hello, Friends!

I’m so pleased to have you joining me on this Holiday Jewel Box journey! Whether or not you decide to make a gem a week, you’ll have access to the resources of this 12-week class for the next year.

That includes access to our special Facebook page, Holiday Jewel Box with MJ Kinman Textile Artist.. There are just a few questions to answer to gain access.  Use this as a platform to share your progress, ask questions, and celebrate the progress of our fellow classmates. 

You’ll also have access to this private blog page where all emails and links to videos and resources will be stored.

Here are links to the first 3 lessons of the class.

Lesson #1 – Intro to the Pattern Lesson #1 introduces you to freezer paper piecing and the codes I use to help me put these gems back together.

Lesson #2 – Customizing Your Gem Lesson #2 suggests ways you can customize these gems if you want to! Gems come in all different colors and sparkle a million different ways. If you wish, you can have fun with these blocks and create your own fabulous colorway!

Lesson #3 — September/Sapphire Lesson #3 introduces you to the gem that inspired the September Sapphire block, as well as how to cut it apart and put it back together again.

I’ve also created a fabric translation for those of you who want to use Kona Cotton, Moda’s Bella Solids, Hoffman’s 1895 Bali Basics, or Michael Miller’s Cotton Couture line of solids.

 Last but not least is my request of you to be sure to add this email address to your Safe Sender list. I’ll be sending future emails via MailChimp and sometimes those get automatically routed to one’s Junk or Spam folders.

Oh, and one more thing! The registration for this class doesn’t close until September 30th. So if there are people in your life you think would love to join us, invite them to join us! You can send them to the link below to learn more and register.

 Thank you and Shine On!